AML Updates

New Dignity Planning and Funding Guides

Securus and Assurant Solutions announced the new Dignity Planning & Funding guide at the Securus Conference last weekend and we know many of you are anxious to begin using them.  The booklets are being printed and should be available later today or tomorrow to ship out.  Both the Securus and Assurant Solutions websites have been updated with PDF’s of the new sales booklet.  Attached is a supply requisition form to order the new Dignity Planning guides.

If you have already submitted a supply requisition for the new booklets or left a message on our supply line, we will ship them out via FedEx overnight as soon as we receive them from the printer.  

You may continue to use the existing Securus/Simple Life Solutions Planning & Fundiing Guides until you receive the new Dignity Planning guides.  Going forward, anytime insurance applications are ordered, a corresponding number of Dignity Planning guides will also be sent.

Once you begin using the new Dignity Planning booklet, the Dignity Planning Form (ADM-7340) is no longer necessary.  Page 5, titled “Final Arrangement” of the new booklet is perforated and will replace the previous ADM-7340.  To ensure you receive Dignity Planning credit, page 5 of the booklet must be sent in with the application.

Revised Agent Training Manual

In addition to the new Dignity Planning guides, Assurant has also revised the Agent Training Manual.

If you have any questions, please contact your direct upline or the Assurant Sales & Marketing department.

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