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August 7-8 2015
Atlanta GA



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Securus supports its team builders by holding career fairs nationwide. If you are interested in an opportunity to build a professional sales organization of qualified Agents and receive a substantial passive income, contact us now: (800) 936-1715 x218 Let the Securus proprietary building platform work for you!

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  • Important Kemper Update

    Kemper has transitioned away from contracting agents through No More Forms. Agents now apply for contracting utilizing the Kemper website.  As usual, this carrier needs to be requested through the Securus Home Office and we will send out the email with the instructions to the agent.  A recruitment code needs to be created for each applying agent. Therefore agents cannot share or forward any recruitment codes they receive.  This process is effective immediately.  

  • AML Non-Traditional Applications Update

    aml-nta-formIn an effort to streamline the underwriting and review process for non-traditional applications (NTA), we have implemented a
    new process to include a form that must be completed prior to contacting Elite Sales Processing (ESP). When you have an NTA situation, please contact our Final Need New Business Department to obtain the form. Their contact information is: (800)



  • AML Updates

    New Dignity Planning and Funding Guides

    Securus and Assurant Solutions announced the new Dignity Planning & Funding guide at the Securus Conference last weekend and we know many of you are anxious to begin using them.  The booklets are being printed and should be available later today or tomorrow to ship out.  Both the Securus and Assurant Solutions websites have been updated with PDF's of the new sales booklet.  Attached is a supply requisition form to order the new Dignity Planning guides.

    If you have already submitted a supply requisition for the new booklets or left a message on our supply line, we will ship them out via FedEx overnight as soon as we receive them from the printer.  

    You may continue to use the existing Securus/Simple Life Solutions Planning & Fundiing Guides until you receive the new Dignity Planning guides.  Going forward, anytime insurance applications are ordered, a corresponding number of Dignity Planning guides will also be sent.

    Once you begin using the new Dignity Planning booklet, the Dignity Planning Form (ADM-7340) is no longer necessary.  Page 5, titled "Final Arrangement" of the new booklet is perforated and will replace the previous ADM-7340.  To ensure you receive Dignity Planning credit, page 5 of the booklet must be sent in with the application.

    Revised Agent Training Manual

    In addition to the new Dignity Planning guides, Assurant has also revised the Agent Training Manual.

    If you have any questions, please contact your direct upline or the Assurant Sales & Marketing department.


Video Overview Hosted by Securus President & CEO Matthew A. Goldberg


We are proud to announce that Securus’ Vice President of Field Operations, John Kight, is now hosting a weekly Securus Business Overview Call: Each Monday Night at 9PM EST Dial In: (702) 473-3487 Access Code: 3760481#


Agent Success Stories

Chris B.
The Advance Team

I am opportunity. I knock on the doors of the hopeless, literally. I sometimes drive hundreds of miles to see people. Most are happy to see me, but a few close the door. I’m not affected by it, they probably have closed the door on opportunity most of their lives. There are too many people to help, to worry about the door closers. I bring people peace of mind. I am there because they love and worry about their families. I can and do help them. I have shared dinner, hugs, tears, and prayers with the people that I sit with. I am opportunity.

I am opportunity. I knock on doors of the desperate. I reach out to the people who work endless hours to make ends meet. I reach out to the people who lay their families on the altar of lifestyle for a paycheck. Most people are happy to hear what I can offer them, but a few close the door. I am not affected by it, they have probably been closing the door on opportunity for most of their lives. There are too many people to help to worry about the door closers. I bring hope to the hopeless. I bring people time, money, and the lifestyle that they have been hoping for. The people I work with come in as strangers but become friends and family. I am opportunity.

I love what I do.
The Time for the this Opportunity- Perfect
The People to see- Perfect
The System- Perfect
The Support- Perfect

I am so thankful for all the people that I get to link arms with in this journey. From the people that I work in the trenches with every week, to the people that have lost sleep to develop and master this opportunity. Opportunity is knocking.

Doug T.
The Advance Team

My name is Doug Toups from Thibodaux, LA (a small town 60 southwest of New Orleans, LA). I have been married to Nancy Toups for 36 years and we are the proud parents of 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

Here is a bit of my story of how my involvement with Securus America (SA) came into being. I am a CPA by profession (now inactive largely due to my success with SA and the potential I see). Nancy and I also own and operate several businesses so I was quite busy when the opportunity was presented to me in the Fall of 2011. I have been involved with the CPA profession as well as helped a number of small business owners buy and/or sell their businesses plus provide consultation for them. Thus, I have learned the aspects of doing due diligence for my business decisions. I did this due diligence on SA and have been with this organization since January 2012. It has been the best business decision I have ever made and that says a lot for a 60 years young professional. I compared the entire business model to long standing, proven businesses and I selected SA!

The BEST BUSINESS DECISION I HAVE MADE… Why was and is it still the best business decision I have made in my rather long professional career? (Please don’t think you have to be a “professional” to be successful with SA!!) The reasons are: SA offers a platform second to none which I compared with a number of other opportunities, systems, and many other businesses, “cultural” and leadership environments. SA’s duplicable sales platform allows a new representative the opportunity to earn a full time income almost immediately using a very simple presentation to prospective clients. That process is supported significantly by the SA Executive Team headed by Matt Goldberg, John Kight, Nick Burns, and several other key players along with my National Agency Director, Roger Short. Other National Agency Directors and SA’s support staff provide valuable insight and support to veteran as well as the newest representatives being hired to work with SA. Additionally, representatives have access to the highest quality lead generation program I have ever used as well as researched. Many more seasoned representatives working with SA can attest to this fact. It is second to none!!! Also, SA provides access to an exclusive carrier giving representatives a distinct advantage in the Baby Boomer market place. These aspects along with a tremendous back office support coupled with quality field training provide an opportunity within a 6 to 12 month time frame for a representative can be making $ 80,000 to $ 120,000 a year PLUS working diligently 3 to 4 days a week and five or six days when necessary!

The Opportunity for AGENCY DEVELOPMENT Additionally, SA offers the opportunity to build an Agency nationwide. I compared that opportunity to other more traditional insurance agencies as well as other business development opportunities and again, I settled on SA. The platform for Agency building provides the average person the ability to earn a mid six figure income within a relatively short period of time by hiring, training, encouraging, and supporting representatives they hire for their Agency – without the traditional overhead costs associated with a traditional agency. In the field of business development, I have over 38 years of experience. The SA platform exceeds all my expectations from my own personal experience and that of others that I‘ve privileged to be associated with over the years. I have also studied other programs as I desired to provide an additional significant stream of immediate and residual income for my family and to support the vision Nancy and I have to change education in America and beyond! Again, I selected SA to “hang my hat” and I am very pleased with every aspect SA offers and provides. SA is small enough to be flexible and change as needed quickly – yet large enough to provide the platform for many to grow personally, professionally, and financially! The Executive Team also listens intently to suggestions from the field and they often act on those suggestions.

In closing, I believe SA will stand the test of time while providing an immediate opportunity for those wanting to improve their income, time with family, and quality of life – if they are willing to work for it and embrace a platform that is proven and has been validated by many whom I hope you have the privilege to meet one day. Many Blessings to you and your family.

Glenn C.
Securus Select

Hi, My name is Glenn, I have been in the Final Expense business for 13 years. The majority of my time was spent as an independent agent doing everything I could to procure leads. It wasn't until a joined a partnership with Senior Select of Georgia did I truly start making real money!

I was introduced to the Securus family January 2013 and after much thought and consideration, I decided to join the team. I came to this decision for a number of reasons, revenue being one of them. I'm a firm believer of systems and processes due to the 16 years I worked for United Parcel Service! UPS was nothing but methods, systems, and duplicatable processes. The system that Securus brings to the insurance and financial services industry is a process that is light years ahead of any other agency in America.

I'm writing this testimony again to show that an " old dog " can learn new tricks! I was blessed to be in Lagrange, Georgia for an Opportunity Meeting and the training that followed that next day. It was during that training session that I realized I was dealing with a company that truly understands the science behind selling! Matthew Goldberg went through his Final Expense flip chart presentation and it was then I had what John Kight calls a " moment of epiphany " ! Matt got down on his hands and knees and begged the whole group to use his flip chart presentation. Well folks, I took him up on his challenge. In just three weeks of using Securus methods I have written 27 applications for insurance and my closure rate increased to a staggering 90%, all due to the securus system.

Folks, if you are having trouble making sales in this business, ask yourself a question. Have I followed the steps laid out by Matt Goldberg and his team? If not do you and your family a favor and get on the train. The science of selling all lies within the Securus system.


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