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  • UHL Updates

    Updated Term Applications
    Effective August 1, 2014, an updated term application* will be available for use, replacing the prior version. There will be a 31-day transition period where both applications will be accepted. Effective September 1, 2014, only the updated version will be accepted. The revised apps will be available via supply requisition or download beginning August 1st.

    *New generic form number and revision date: 200-746A 4-14 (UHL); 18-746A 4-14 (UFFL). State specific apps will include two-letter state abbreviation.

    Updated Rhode Island and Wisconsin Applications
    In addition to the updated Term Life apps, RI and WI will also have updated apps for Final Expense (including GIWL), Provider Whole Life, and Protector AD Accidental Death. These apps are now available. Both the prior and updated versions will be accepted until September 1, 2014, when only the updated version will be accepted.

    Quick QuoteTM Is Mobile
    Our Quick QuoteTM premium calculator is now available in mobile format! To learn more, visit

  • Aetna/American Continental Life Update

    Revised Commission Schedule for Aetna/American Continental Life effective July 1st, 2014. Click Here to learn more.

  • Kemper Senior Solutions Update

    Kemper product updates will be effective on August 1, 2014. To learn more please click here.


    The three-part series is now available under the American Memorial Life Step-By-Step Training Curriculum tile in the Securus Agent's Portal (Login Required).

  • Congratulations Securus!

    Our President & CEO Matthew Goldberg, along with his lovely wife, Bonnie, recently received Oxford Life's 2014 Leader's Club Award in Punta Cana. Click the photo to enlarge.

  • *NEW* Conference Call & Webinar Calendar

    The weekly schedule of all conference calls and webinars with Securus home office team is now available from all Securus University pages.


Video Overview Hosted by Securus President & CEO Matthew A. Goldberg


We are proud to announce that Securus’ Vice President of Field Operations, John Kight, is now hosting a weekly Securus Business Overview Call: Each Monday Night at 9PM EST Dial In: (702) 473-3487 Access Code: 3760481#


Leah G.
Advance Team

After the bootcamp this past week with Roger in NC, the 5 new people that attended have caught FYAH!!! They have spent the weekend talking with their warm markets and have another 4/5 in contracting and 2 in south GA beginning ExamFX today! Brian Booth has a contact he made in South Atlanta who has already completed contracting and is expecting to have 4 or so people at a Training and Opportunity meeting I am hosting in Atlanta on Thursday. Expecting to have at least 5/6 people attending the Training with me in LaGrange,GA with John Kight and Nick Burns on Friday! We’re off to Another Great Week and its only Monday!

So far today… Started the morning with an 11am from an appointment off of a paid mail lead and was able to assist this client with a Final Expense Plan. Then my next appointment was another paid lead and I assisted her with a Final Expense Plan with American Memorial Life. While there, and through our Referral Program, I was able to assist her daughter with a Final Expense Plan and her son-in-law with an IUL. Total production so far today of $6500. 2 leads led to 2 referrals which totaled 4 sales!

Roger S.
Advance Team

Congratulations to David T. & Jason W. for leading from the FRONT on our Referral Sales Contest and winning the iPads!!!! Almost 50 families protected just by asking "Who do you know that I can also serve"!!... and over 30K written in referral Business!!

Glenn C.
Securus Select

Hi, My name is Glenn C and I have been in the Final Expense business for 13 years. The majority of my time was spent as an independent agent doing everything I could to procure leads. It wasn't until a joined a partnership with Senior Select of Georgia did I truly start making real money!

I was introduced to the Securus family January 2013 and after much thought and consideration, I decided to join the team. I came to this decision for a number of reasons, revenue being one of them. I'm a firm believer of systems and processes due to the 16 years I worked for United Parcel Service! UPS was nothing but methods, systems, and duplicatable processes. The system that Securus brings to the insurance and financial services industry is a process that is light years ahead of any other agency in America.

I'm writing this testimony again to show that an " old dog " can learn new tricks! I was blessed to be in Lagrange, Georgia for an Opportunity Meeting and the training that followed that next day. It was during that training session that I realized I was dealing with a company that truly understands the science behind selling! Matthew Goldberg went through his Final Expense flip chart presentation and it was then I had what John Kight calls a " moment of epiphany " ! Matt got down on his hands and knees and begged the whole group to use his flip chart presentation. Well folks, I took him up on his challenge. In just three weeks of using Securus methods I have written 27 applications for insurance and my closure rate increased to a staggering 90%, all due to the securus system.

Folks, if you are having trouble making sales in this business, ask yourself a question. Have I followed the steps laid out by Matt Goldberg and his team? If not do you and your family a favor and get on the train. The science of selling all lies within the Securus system.

Ray E.
Team Black Velvet

Today I had a preset FX appointment from a door knock I did last Monday---with a guy who weighed 410lbs. Didn't think I had a sale until his daughter walked in. I knew from the ad&d he had a 401k so I ended up talking to him about using his daughter as a vehicle to divert some of his monies. His daughter, who is 21, had just started putting money into her 401k. She liked the IUL better because of its flexibility and agreed to put $175/month....I was SHOCKED. A one sit close from an FX appointment. And $50k found money (Only a seed for another day for now)

Sometimes, this business amazes me. Thanks to the FX leads and the Securus system. $2100 ap

- Ray


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